Asian Extreme Sports Federation (AXF) and BMX Freestyle – Olympic Council of Asia. BMX Freestyle is using bicycles originally designed for bicycle motocross racing, to perform highly creative tricks. The freestyle Bikes uses a 20 inches wheels, frame size but the top tube is 20-22 inches long. The competitors try to perform difficult tricks in various categories and and points are awarded according to the level of difficulty and execution of the trick. The bikes used for different site are different in parts, some have heavy grip tires and some have wheelbase tires. The bikes sometimes comes without brakes as the rider might require for a trick he would love to execute.

Inline Stunts & Roller Skates – Asian Games, Olympic Council of AsiaInline Stunts & Roller Skates. Inline sports are sports that use roller skates or similar. Roller skating is where the athlete travels on smooth terrain with roller skates as fast as possible when racing. Skates come in two basic varieties quad inline skates which have 4 wheels inline down the middle of the sole of the boot.  This means there are different events for the different skates such as speed skating. Other sports can also be played on skates for example roller hockey. This category of sports can also cover other events such as skateboarding as it involves wheels.

Skateboard Competition in Asia - Entrepreneur-sme.asiaSkateboard.  Skateboarding is the act of riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. The skateboard is a flat wood with four wheels and it could also be shaped in different sizes according to the skateboarder. The skateboard started in the mid 19 centuries where it was used as a supplement for surfing when the waves are flat which later became a popular sport among the youth. Points are calculated by a panel of judges. it is awarded according to the level of difficulty of the tricks performed and accuracy of the routing.

Sports Climbing in Asia, Entrepreneur-sme.asiaSports Climbing is a style of rock climbing which requires permanent anchors fixed to the rock for protection, like bolts. Sport climbing requires lots of strength, endurance gymnastic ability, risk and self-sufficiency

External equipments are used to provide safety but not to aid the athlete to go higher. The sport is considered to be a form of free climbing. The equipments used in sport climbing includes a helmet, dynamic rope, quickdraws, belay device, climbing harnesses, runners, climbing shoes, chalk bag.

A rope is tied to the person who is to lead the sport and the loose end of the rope by a belayer. As each of the bolt is reached along the route, the climber attaches a quickdraw to the bolt, and then clips the rope through the hanging end of the quickdraw this will now protect the climber in the event of fall. There is a two bolt anchor that can be used to return the climber to the ground. The rocks that produce good sport climb include limestone, quartzite and granite.

List Event – Men & Women

  • Boulder
  • Lead Climbing
  • Speed Climbing
  • Speed Relay