Global Trends in Franchising. Franchising growth is accelerating. Franchisors are recognising the rise of the ‘international’ market as the world is getting smaller and the need for products and services is growing. Franchising legislation is being introduced in many countries that is leading to better conduct in the franchising sector. People throughout the world are being touched by the benefits of franchising on a global scale.

Franchising in The 21st century

The 21st century will see the evolution of the franchised owner-operator as the most efficient last-mile-to-market business model yet developed, combining the service ethics of an individual who understands that the centrepiece of his or her goodwill is the lifetime value of each customer, with the strategic planning capability, buying power and marketing muscle of bigger networks and brands. The trend of well run franchisors recruiting, screening and selecting better quality franchisees and those better quality franchisees gravitating towards well managed franchises will drive the growth of substantial franchised networks on a global scale.

The true worth of the franchised business model in some parts of the emerging franchise world is being muddled by opportunist franchisor focused on selling franchises, rather than granting franchises to qualified operators and establishing profitable businesses. The more experienced franchisors have learned that a focus on establishing profitable businesses that create greater value at the customer end of the business are critical to building long term enterprise value for a franchise network. Read more about Global trends in franchising here – John Di Natale, business growth and franchising specialist looks at global trends in the sector.

Global Franchise Magazine

Global Franchise Magazine
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